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Sports Package

•    On-site streaming manager during production
•    1 manned, stationary HD camera with tripod; wide shot
•    A feed from event audio mixer board or 1 wired microphone with stand for event audio capture
•    1 splash/sponsor page

•    Up to 5 on-screen captions per hour of live stream

•    On-screen score updates from event scorekeeping 
•    1 stream output channel

Hourly rate: $100
Half day: $400
Full day: $800

*  Travel up to 25 miles from Portland; contact for add'l travel

*  Rate will incorporate any on-site time in addition to the actual live-stream

*  On-site ethernet or wifi provided by client (test required)

*  Lo-Cal Media wifi hotspot provided for an additional 30/hr

*  Setup charge will be added to invoice once scope determined